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Custom Milled Deep Pile Plush Fur


Our top of the line fabric is our Custom milled”Acrylic blend of 25% Acrylic and 75% Mod-Acrylic with a weight of 36 oz Pile height 1 16/32 inches of special sly-ver knit.

The special sly-ver knitting process locks individual fibers directly into a lightweight knit backing allowing each fiber to stand upright, free from the backing to form the soft pile on face the fabric. This makes the comfort pile fabrics softer, warmer, drape better and more resilient than fabrics made by yarns. Sold by the yard 36×62. (Minimum order of 1.5 yards–you can’t re-fur a suit with less than a yard.)

For lengths greater than 5 yards, please call for a custom quote.