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Welcome to Santa’s One Stop Shop

I Make It Happen!

Sometimes it’s not the items or services that create the challenges. Being a performer, finding the right company to partner with that understands you and how you want to deliver your performance can be a challenge.

I specialize in genuine care, regardless of your order size.
I believe that creating an environment of collaboration goes a long way.
I value the relationships and camaraderie I build with you because I portray the person and wear the suit that you wear.

I am aware that you have many options from where to choose.

SANTA’S ONE STOP SHOP believes that service is the lifeblood of any company; everything flows from it and  is nourished by it. For me, customer service is not a department … it’s an attitude.

As I partner with you, my ongoing commitment to excellence and holding ourselves to the highest principles is the key. For over 25 years, I have been there through thick and thin by hearing the wishes of children of all ages, performing as Santa Claus and going the extra mile.

At SANTA’S ONE STOP SHOP you are not just a transaction and a dollar sign, you are part of the family. Together, you and me, we make a difference in those we have the honor of serving.

Let our journey continue.

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